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Our Mix 'n Match Leashes give you unparalleled flexibility both in terms of personalization and function. They allow you to infuse your dog's personality in the links that make up your leash (in the colors/accessories you choose) and build many leash styles to suit any occasion (in the ways the links are combined).


Each 1 foot link is designed with a specific function, as shown below. Make sure you check back as we're always coming up with new link types that are compatible with the Mix 'n Match System! 

Mix 'n Match Leashes
Standard Link

A simple, straight link useful for adding length and spacing apart more specialized links.

Traffic Handle Link

A low-profile handle that provides a secondary grab-point without the need for knots or wrapping around the hand. Used especially near the end of the leash for close-control in crowded places.

Get-a-Grip Link

Features plastic beads that provide an excellent grip without the rope burn.

Safe-Pull Link

Connects to two points on the dog (either 2 points on the harness or the harness and the collar) for greater control and to reduce the pulling force against vulnerable areas like the throat and shoulder-blades.

Light-Up Link

Contains bright LED's that dramatically increase visibility in low-light conditions.

Closed Loop Handle

Classic closed-loop handle with comfort-grip leather.

Convertible Hands-Free Handle

An extremely versatile handle with comfort grip leather that can easily clip to table legs/poles or to the adjustable hands-free link to create a hands-free walking experience.

Adjustable Hands-Free Link

Pairs with the convertible hands-free handle to create a sliding connection point that automatically adjusts to any waist size.

Shock Absorber Link

Contains shock cord that stretches to reduce sudden jerks in the leash (great especially for dog parents that like to walk hands-free).

Mix 'n Match Leash Links

Links coming soon...

Extender Link

Allows the leash to change length by up to 1 foot on the go, without removing any other links. 

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